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How Ad Videos Can Be A Useful Tool For Heightening Your Business Reach

Well if you are a small business marketer chances are you wear many different hats. From product marketing to social posts, content creation to event presence— or even sales. So you may think why should you need to and add ad video to marketing agenda on top of all that? Yes, you need ad videos, because the truth is, there are A LOT of benefits of ad videos in marketing for small businesses. These days video marketing has become a key factor in driving ROI and traffic to your business.   And to amplify the business growth marketers and entrepreneurs are so fond of digital ad video production in Kolkata. Only text-based marketing can no more smell business success, That is the reason for the current shifting of everything towards visual and digital. Be it an animated video or live-action is very useful and can benefit businesses of any size and stature to introduce new products or promoting the existing ones. When supported by visuals or a video it also becomes easier for the co
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Increasing Rate of Image Post and SEO

If you trust social media marketing , it is important to show up at the top of Google image search. But how? Simple…..image SEO is the ultimate solution. Now, what is image optimization! Image optimization is all about reducing the file size of your original images as much as possible of course without sacrificing the quality. This practice helps in keeping page loading times low. And thereby boost user experience. Thus get your product images and or other decorative images to rank high on Google and other image search engines. Sounds attractive no! So, how to make images search engine optimized? Well, no worries. There are some techniques and tricks used by the SEO experts that let you reduce the image’s file size yet keeping them pretty enough to proudly display them on your website. Let’s take a look at how the experts format your images and optimize them for web and performance. Naming images in simple language Let the web know all about your image cont

New Age Invitation Cards And Kolkata

Invitation cards are the very first glimpse of any occasion or ceremony. So everyone wants to make it memorable and as it is obvious that impression lasts long. But gone are the days when people settle for just single folds with bright colors with traditional motifs. The new generation is going all out to ensure that their invitation must reflect their personality. Kolkata is also not behind in the trend. And there goes the importance of new-age Invitation Cards . Options are more to get creative with your invitations. To give it a personal touch people like elegant, electric, funky and yet significantly ecofriendly. ‘But sometimes they may be overwhelming’- says Bibhor Singhania , the founder of BeTheBee Kolkata . So, they suggest why not mix a little bit of everything and create unique, budget-friendly, new-age wedding invitations. Invitation cards created by BeTheBee are a perfect choice because they can fit everyone’s style, whether it is a wedding theme, birthday or c

Advertising Agency is the Gateway

You certainly have new words about your products to share with the people of your very own city Kolkata! So, obviously, a local advertising agency of Kolkata is the right selection to convey your message to your target audience. You set new productivity records and share it with us; we will let Kolkata know about your achievements. Wonder how? An advertising agency like Be the Bee can make your advertisements 80% more accurate than non-agency users. Let’s say about your logo. We shall take this and work with it in such a way that users will keep the packing or post it on social media due to its smart clever presentation. Because you already know business is more reachable and responsive when people feel more associated with the brand and that is what we do as an advertising agency. Connect you with your consumer! Bee The Bee has found more than 65% additional advanced solutions to turn your consumers towards you. To know more discuss with our mastermind on +91 033

Get Recognized With Business Campaigns

You may think why you need business campaign strategy in Kolkata , at your very own place! But yes, you require, because it is essential rather than just desirable. So, the business campaign strategy, or say the efforts run by the marketing company you hire to increase awareness for a particular product or service of yours, has unlimited benefits. The campaign strategies adhered by Be the Bee outlines the key messages of your business. The channels and tools by which we communicate the campaign strategy with the target audiences are distinctive and eccentric. With proliferating confidence, we improve your campaign strategy and make your business that's all about growth. If you haven't already it's time to reinforce your business campaign strategy for 2020 that will launch your business to the next level. Sounds good! Contact us today at

Advertising Consultants Are Like God In Business

You are a confident, accomplished, and competent business owner in Kolkata, but do you have an idea on how to accomplish a successful business campaign or social media ads or other boosting posts here and there? Or do you have the time to dedicate to learning how to run them yourself? If the answer to both the questions is ‘no’ then you badly need an expert advertising consultant in Kolkata at the earliest. Assisting in the preparation of advertising campaigns, marketing collaterals and sales promotional materials and guidance to run these successfully is the sole job of an advertising consultant. Advertising strategies are made to meet business objectives. Carrying these out Be the Bee develops new prospects through networking and applying other techniques in their own way in order to increase sales and revenue for you. So, do not get late, just like most other business owners, get in touch with someone who can easily and seamlessly run your Facebook ads and other adv

Re-define Your Business with Brochure

While we advise our clients for brochures, they ask with surprise, ‘Are brochures still alive!’ Luckily Yes, well designed and informative marketing brochures are still going good and relatively cost-effective. If produced correctly by your design company, it can enjoy a very long lifespan. Online brochure advertising you can include in your digital marketing plan and printed brochure can cost you a fraction of the total monthly cost. Brochure designing in Kolkata is now revolutionary now in Kolkata and yet cost-effective, and it is one of the key tools for small and medium scale businesses to promote their brand without making much expense. The business brochures are easy to produce and distribute to potential customers. Businesses and organizations can rely upon this most common and persuasive tool for announcement purposes to a wide consumer base. This perfect canvas showcases images, charts and lengthy pieces of information about your product or services. And nowadays,